Peer Support, Resource Consultations and Coaching

Working through the stages of mental illness recovery is not only mental and physical, it is emotional. There is a grieving process associated with mental health diagnosis and working the stages of recovery with mental illness. If you are searching for a professional that can help you identify how stigma is rooted in your daily life and how to work through it and move farther into recovery, you have come to the right place.

Unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, because the world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside you.
— Carl Jung

Shame, guilt, embarrassment, and fear with a mental illness diagnosis is largely contributed to personal and societal stigma. Understanding the depths and roots of stigma and fear can give you insight into your internal response as well as external reactions to situations. Identifying how stigma affects you and your everyday life is the key to unraveling it's grip and to living a more satisfying and successful life.

I am committed to a person-centered, trauma-informed, and strengths based approach to help you in your journey through recovery, stigma reduction, and obtaining the life you want despite your diagnosis. In working with me, we will take a healthy and thorough approach in identifying where stigma resides and gently began extricating it from your life. Your strengths are your biggest asset, and we will lead with those in our search for peace, acceptance, and normalizing mental illness.

Recovery began when I realized there was no end to my mental illness and where I began, it is part of who I am but does not have to define my existence’
— David K


  • Peer Support
  • Resource and Referral Consultations
  • Exposure Response Prevention Coaching
  • Family/Loved Ones Consulting & Peer Support



The following pricing/packages are provided for you to review and decide which best fits your needs. Packages can be customized and/or an hourly rate can be implemented, please inquire.

Peer Support Sessions & Resource Referral

Peer support serves to normalize individual's experience. Sessions allow the individual a safe space and outlet to talk about their illness and story in an effort to feel less alone and supported by someone who has been there.         Sessions: $75 per hour                                                                                                                                                                       Sessions with Referrals/Resources: $100 per hour

Finding the right resources to support and treat OCD can be difficult as many therapists who claim to treat OCD are not using the most effective treatment strategies. Supplemental resources can help provide the support needed before, during, and post therapy. A resource referral consultation will provide you with a customized email for support in your area and online.                                                                                                                                   Consultation: $75 per session

Preliminary Coaching Package: $750

Four-week Preliminary Coaching/Peer support package is for individuals interested in experiencing how coaching and peer support can enhance their communication, relationships, and life satisfaction while exploring the best options for their continuous coaching needs.

  • Initial Consultation
  • 4--Consulting/Peer Support Sessions (In-person or Skype)
  • 4--Follow up phone sessions
  • Unlimited Email Support

Executive Coaching Package, 90 Day $2000

The Executive Coaching Packaged is designed for individuals who are living with a successfully treated mental illness and are in need of processing their experience in a non-therapeutic environment.  These individuals are committed to identifying emotions associated with their diagnosis and treatment, processing and extricating them to move toward healthier relationships and sense of self anonymously. Weekly motivation, tackling negative self talk, and facing your fears are an integral part of the 90-day package. Follow up consultation will help identify successes and challenges and will provide support to explore goals and objectives. Self-coaching, self-exploration, and reflection will be encouraged as a result of duration completion.

  • Initial Consultation
  • 4-- Consulting/Peer Support Sessions per month (in-person or Skype)
  • 4 Follow up phone support per month
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Scheduled Text Support
  • Workbook on working through emotional challenges in mental health recovery

Advocacy Consulting:

Advocacy consulting consists of supporting and brainstorming advocacy ideas and/or where to get started in becoming an advocate for mental health. Monthly rates can be established if it is an ongoing consulting project. Please contact Chrissie for pricing information on Advocacy Consulting.

Presentation Fees

Chrissie is available for educational presentations, workshops, and keynote addresses. Please contact Chrissie for pricing information and to book her for your event.